Quality policy

The vision of the Company´s top management is stability of the company, strengthening of competitiveness on domestic construction market and keeping the high level of quality in all our activities including fulfilling requirements and principles in the field of environmental protection and occupational safety and health protection. To fulfil this vision, we have introduced and implemented the Integrated Management System according to standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.


Conscious of the responsibility towards our customers, employees as well as suppliers and all concerned, we determinate basic objectives of implemented management system:

– customer satisfaction and better fulfilling of his needs,

– care of employees and safe working environment,

– responsible and ethical behaviour towards suppliers,

– healthy and clean environment.


We want to fulfil our aims mainly by:
– high level quality of performed construction works,

– technological innovations and self-development,

– motivation of our employees,

– payment discipline (timely and proper payment of liabilities),

– prevention of environmental pollution and causing of injuries,

– effective usage of resources and secondary raw materials,

– corporate sponsoring,

– open communication with state institutions, public sector and media.


Our aim is continuous and systematic improvement of the management system and thus the gradual optimization of company´s management, improvement in effectiveness of process management and improvement of top management´s activities. The most important managements principals of all our activities we consider:

– compliance of all legal and voluntary requirements related to the company,

– identifying of needs and analysing customer requirements,

– management and planning of all processes and activities,

– continuous development and improvement in all areas,

– commitment of all employees to the fulfilling objects and their personal responsibility,

– competence, qualification, level of qualification and professionalism of employees.


Each employee has an individual responsibility to assist in fulfilling this policy. Development of policies to specific objectives and programs is task of the management. This policy is fully obligatory for all employees of the company.