Production programme

In the field of Transportation and Engineering Construction we focus on construction of:

  • motorways and expressways
  • other roads
  • bridges
  • tunnels
  • railways
  • airports
  • forest fire-protection roads
  • underground utility networks


In the field of Water Management Construction we perform constructions of

  • dams and barrages
  • hydro-power plants
  • small hydro-power plants
  • anti-flooding protections and polders
  • wastewater treatment plants
  • sewerages
  • modifications and relocations of rivers


In the field of Building Constructions we carry out constructions of:

  • residential complexes
  • polyfunctional buildings
  • logistic centres and production halls
  • hotel complexes
  • reinforced concrete skeletons
  • reconstruction of historical and cultural monuments


In the field of Technologies we offer:

  • bitumen mixtures production and laying
  • concrete and concrete mixtures production
  • special foundations
  • pre-stressing by means of PROJSTAR system
  • precast concrete pre-stressed beams
  • precast concrete GMV crash barriers
  • other precast products (cornices, gutters, shafts and culverts)


In the field of Bridge Construction Technologies we use:

  • free cantilever concreting method
  • monolithic bridges on scaffolding
  • precast beams